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As 2012 comes to a halt, my data takes up ...

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Less than 1GB
  671 votes / 2%
Between 1GB and 500GB
  4933 votes / 19%
Between 500GB and 1TB
  3949 votes / 15%
Between 1TB and 5TB
  9846 votes / 39%
Between 5TB and 10TB
  2938 votes / 11%
10TB or more
  1790 votes / 7%
But it's IN THE CLOUD!
  939 votes / 3%
25066 total votes.
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  • Don't complain about lack of options. You've got to pick a few when you do multiple choice. Those are the breaks.
  • Feel free to suggest poll ideas if you're feeling creative. I'd strongly suggest reading the past polls first.
  • This whole thing is wildly inaccurate. Rounding errors, ballot stuffers, dynamic IPs, firewalls. If you're using these numbers to do anything important, you're insane.
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As 2012 comes to a halt, my data takes up ...

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  • Re:By "your data" (Score:5, Interesting)

    by Kjella (173770) on Wednesday December 26, 2012 @04:48PM (#42397815) Homepage

    I figured it was as simple as my data is whatever that is not somebody else's data, and how much it takes up means it's space used not unique data. My breakdown:

    Total: ~12 TB
    Single copies of various entertainment: ~6.5TB
    Hard to find things: 2x ~2TB
    Personal things: 2x ~500GB + partially offsite

    The 6.5 TB I basically consider a cache to the Internet, and I'm probably wouldn't replace it if the disk crashed but if I've already downloaded it... why not put it on a 3 TB drive in case I want to watch it again. I guess I'll probably have to do some house cleaning soon since I only have 500GB free, or maybe I'll just add another disk as it's usually less hassle. The good thing about being a digital hoarder is that it can still usually fit in a maxi-tower...

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