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How Many Text Messages Do You Send a Day?

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  9379 votes / 46%
  1937 votes / 9%
  1044 votes / 5%
  334 votes / 1%
over 100
  282 votes / 1%
I'm texting now
  388 votes / 1%
  6977 votes / 34%
20341 total votes.
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  • Don't complain about lack of options. You've got to pick a few when you do multiple choice. Those are the breaks.
  • Feel free to suggest poll ideas if you're feeling creative. I'd strongly suggest reading the past polls first.
  • This whole thing is wildly inaccurate. Rounding errors, ballot stuffers, dynamic IPs, firewalls. If you're using these numbers to do anything important, you're insane.
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How Many Text Messages Do You Send a Day?

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  • Re:Missing option (Score:4, Informative)

    by pla (258480) on Tuesday January 29, 2013 @11:17PM (#42734353) Journal
    Not just important, but urgent - real time.

    That makes me wonder, why do you talk to anyone live except in emergencies? They could just text or email you, and you could deal with such tasks as exchanging pleasantries over dinner in a quick 30 second read through. Probably not even any response necessary, just a round-table of status updates ("Oh, can we parking lot that comment about your boyfriend, I don't give a damn about your relationships, sorry Sally") from all the diners present and chew chew chew before heading off to "important" things.

    I guess I just tend to consider "life", and fellow humans in general, as inherently real-time phenomena. As opposed to merely one more queue of annoyances to process when someone with whom I would like to chat can spare some cycles. Then again, I also just ignore the damned phone when I don't feel like taking a call, and don't secretly harbor the delusion that everyone magically knows when I might (or might not) want to talk to them. What do people do, check into FourSquare as available to take calls from Mom?

    Apologies in advance for the vitriol, but seriously? I consider myself one of the most anti-social people I know, and it still just blows me away that some people consider making a phone call to a friend rude.

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