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+ - How do you manage your operational procedures?

Submitted by timurlenk
timurlenk (1756200) writes "I'm working in a fairly large IT shop that was relatively recently setup but already needs to manage around 200 servers with various operating systems and applications. I've been tasked with with taking over the IT engineering and operations teams that actually run the infrastructure. The engineering team is tasked with developing the systems, doing the more high level stuff related to IT and documenting procedures. On the other hand the operations group does more of the mundane and repetitive tasks but only in line with the standard operational procedures defined by the engineering team. Much to my amazement no real documentation has been written until now, what has been written is outdated and as a conclusion procedures are rarely followed.

It looks like much of the problem lies in the fact that there is no easy to use method to create that documentation, store it and update it (for the engineering team) and (for the operations team) there is no central repository to find procedures related to a specific task or device (a certain process or server might have several procedures attached) and no easy method to submit feedback on these procedures and their outcome.

Sharepoint is available in the company but it doesn't quite cut it since it's slow and cumbersome to use. A wiki system sounds more suited but I'm afraid that references between documents could become difficult to manage manually. Is there any dedicated software or framework that can solve the above problem in an elegant way? Surely somebody must have hit this issue before..."
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How do you manage your operational procedures?

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