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+ - ATT ADSL and broadband caps. I got it.

Submitted by ciscoguy01
ciscoguy01 (635963) writes "I just got the email from AT&T with subject:Updates to your AT&T Internet Terms of Service.
Among the nifty changes are the 150GB monthly usage cap starting May 2, 2011. There's even a web tool to track your usage.
I don't consider myself a big user, I don't subscribe to Netflix, for instance. But according to them I have used 73GB in 16 days. That's up and down. So I may be getting their notice of too much usage when this goes into effect.
I think this is way too low and I will be looking for another provider, though in my area there are only AT&T and Time Warner Cable, and CLEC DSLExtreme which has very cheap prices but unless you pay a lot you get a pretty inadequate throttled speed IMHO, just like AT&T.
This low limit and that they are charging us for uploads and downloads is going to limit a lot of their users internet activities. In today's world internet service is getting pretty close to becoming a public utility. I think it's essential.
With the telcos owning the copper wires all over town and there being no practical alternative, we are stuck with a few big, bad companies who are trying hard to keep us from getting what we want. What can be done? Should congress get involved? The FCC?"
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ATT ADSL and broadband caps. I got it.

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