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+ - SpyEye Attacks Air Berlin and AirPlus Travelers->

Submitted by Orome1
Orome1 (1901578) writes "Trusteer have uncovered a SpyEye configuration that targets users of two leading European airline travel Web sites: Air Berlin, the second largest airline in Germany and AirPlus, the global provider of business travel services for companies. SpyEye exploits the user's machine, not the websites, to carry out this fraud. Air Berlin, now Europe's sixth-largest airline, not only accepts debit and credit cards, but for Austrian, Dutch and German citizens, allows travelers to pay by bank direct debit seven days before traveling. This means that criminals targeting an Air Berlin traveler from these countries stand a good chance of obtaining the personal details of the user — including their date of birth, which is mandatory on the airline's site — as well as their bank account details."
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SpyEye Attacks Air Berlin and AirPlus Travelers

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