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+ - Circuit Flaws Blamed for China Train Crash->

Submitted by hackingbear
hackingbear (988354) writes "The Xinhua news agency reports that signaling equipment circuit design flaw and lack of safety alertness in railway management causes a high-speed train rammed into a stalled train near the city of Wenzhou in east China's Zhejiang Province on Saturday, leaving 40 people dead and 191 injured. The accident was caused by "serious design flaws" in railway signaling equipment, an official from the Shanghai Railway Bureau said Thursday morning. A lightning strike triggered the malfunction, which resulted in a green alert light failing to turn red, leaving railway personnel unaware of the stalled train, the official said. The Beijing National Railway Research and Design Institute of Signal and Communication Co. (CRSCD), which was responsible for designing and building the signaling system, has posted an apology letter on its website, offering condolences and promising to "shoulder any due punishments that may result from the investigation." Domestic media has raised more questions over the explanation. "Why was such seriously flawed equipment in use for nearly two years without being detected? Why was it installed in as many as 76 rail stations across the country? Are there other problems with the railway apart from equipment flaws?" Of course, these causes all sound similar to other industrial accidents such BP platform explosion and Japan nuclear pwoer plant melt down."
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Circuit Flaws Blamed for China Train Crash

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