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+ - Ask Slashdot: Reccomended Print On Demand Service

Submitted by
Bob the Super Hamste
Bob the Super Hamste writes "One of my side projects is amateur cartography because I have always been kind of a map geek. A few years ago I got tired of maps targeted to hunters that were at best a glorified road atlas and at worst unusable and not worth the paper they were printed on. After a few years of part time effort on gathering, processing, and rendering various data sets I now can create some impressive maps that provide the kind of info that hunters actually care about. I would like to get it in printed book format as that would be the most useful format when on long trips. I have looked at Lulu and Create Space so far but haven't had anything printed by either one yet. Ideally I would like the book to be spiral bound so it will lay flat or can be folded over. Additionally I would like it to able to be available for others to buy and have an ISBN so it can make it into book, retail, and online stores if it does well. From my initial reading on both Lulu and CreateSpace it seems like I can get most of what I want but can't do it if the book is spiral bound. Also the book is going to be in the 300 to 400 page count range and it is all color images. My question is what have been /. users experiences with the quality, options, and costs of various print on demand services?"
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Ask Slashdot: Reccomended Print On Demand Service

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