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+ - AT&T Caps Netflix Streaming Costs at $68K/Yr 1

Submitted by theodp
theodp (442580) writes "What would you say if you went to join a gym and were told that it could cost you anywhere from $360 a year to $68,000 a year for the exact same usage? Don't be ridiculous, right? Well, that's really not so different from what the potential costs of streaming video on an AT&T smartphone are. According to AT&T's Data Usage Calculator, 1,440 minutes worth of streaming video consumes 2.81GB, which — if you manage to keep Netflix fired up all day and night — would result in a $360 annual bill under the grandfathered $30-monthly-unlimited-data plan, or $68,376 under the new $20-monthly-300MB plan. Still, that didn't stop a spokesman from characterizing the new AT&T data plans as 'a great value' for customers. So, what exactly does the Bureau of Consumer Protection consider unfair?"
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AT&T Caps Netflix Streaming Costs at $68K/Yr

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  • It was years ago when I saw a TV being advertised as Google TV
    capable I was worried.

    I told my son then that online streaming was going to fill
    up the tubes taking all of the Internet bandwidth; he now
    sees my point (one for me! I guess).

    It's not just netflix it every site that streams movies or TV
    channels. Unless there's a media push against NetFlix.

    I read on /. that 73-75 of the Internet bandwidth was being used
    to stream videos, I think Netflix was mentioned alone as being the reason.

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