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+ - Amazon's Kindle Fire has 54% of Android tablet market. Samsung 15%.-> 1

Submitted by N!NJA
N!NJA (1437175) writes "While Apple continues to overwhelmingly dominate the tablet space with its one-size-fits-all iPad (albeit with both a new and ‘old', cheaper version concurrently on sale), the multiplicity of Android tablets on the market from numerous manufacturers hasn't yet helped Google to capture a significant chunk of market share.

In an interesting twist, though, it's emerged that Google's Android market share isn't entirely its own, as figures from market analysts comScore (via PR Newswire) reveal that, as of February 2012, Amazon's Kindle Fire had grabbed an impressive 54.4% of Android tablet market share. Why is this significant? Well, the Kindle Fire doesn't use Android in the strictest sense. At its heart, the OS is based on Android 2.3 Gingerbread, but Amazon ripped out just about everything that it could."

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Amazon's Kindle Fire has 54% of Android tablet market. Samsung 15%.

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  • I don't want to be picky but when you are posting results its kind of important, especially when the US market is so very different from the rest of the world, Apple are very successful in US and UK, and nowhere else. I am not posting articles saying Apples Market share drops 5% and Androids market share doubles to 60%, and keep from you its in China.

    I don't want to be funny about the words "overwhelmingly dominate", if the media is to be believed its definitely true, but we are seeing figures with Android

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