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+ - West Nile Virus Outbreak Puts Dallas In State Of Emergency-> 2

Submitted by Penurious Penguin
Penurious Penguin (2687307) writes ""After nearly 700 reported cases of West Nile virus and 14 deaths, the city of Dallas has declared a state of emergency. West Nile virus can be asymptomatic or produce multiple symptoms, but can also lead to fevers, and the potentially fatal meningitis or encephalitis. Birds are the most common carriers and mosquitoes are the vector for human infection. From the BBC:

"The city of Dallas is experiencing a widespread outbreak of mosquito-borne West Nile Virus that has caused and appears likely to continue to cause widespread and severe illness and loss of life," — Michael Rawlings "


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West Nile Virus Outbreak Puts Dallas In State Of Emergency

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  • I lived in Dallas before (Plano, Addison, and Richardson) and afaik, I had never been bitten by any mosquito there
    Maybe the West Nile disease is spreading in the ghetto area in South Dallas

    • Aint been bitten myself thankfully - not in Dallas at least. Though in Florida, I have enough training to make a vampire piss himself. Bloody things are like California raisins with blood-tusks! I reposted this story because the first time, it disappeared twice as fast as the spam in Recents, which baffled me. But I still find it possibly worth a post, so half from curiosity and half from the story seeming interesting, I dunnit again. It's probably legit though, as the BBC never misses an opportunity to pou

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