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+ - Ask Slashdot: How can I protect my Android devices from hackers?

Submitted by
SternisheFan writes ". My android phone (an unrooted OptimusV running 2.2.2) and my android tablet (Arnova 7g3 running 4.1) have been subjected to hacking via either 'forced bluetooth attack' and through the Wi-Fi signals in the home where I currently rent a room. I got an android phone at the start of this year after my 'feature phone' was force bluetooth hacked hoping for better security, yet I still have major security issues. For instance, my Optimus's Wi-fi again shows an error, although I am sure that a hack is causing this since when I reset the device when it's out of range from this home's signal the Wi-fi works fine. And now the tablet recently can't access this home's open Wi-fi, though it works fine when at other outside 'hot-spots'.
    So, my question is: Are there any good (free?) security apps out there that would actually prevent this from ocurring? This has been a real issue for so long now, and it's not like I'm doing nefarious things on the internet, I just want to keep it private. I would greatly appreciate any help from the Slashdot community, thanks. "SternisheFan""
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Ask Slashdot: How can I protect my Android devices from hackers?

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