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+ - Degree Hack: US College student earns A.S. degree via transferred credit hours->

Submitted by McGruber
McGruber (1417641) writes "The Chronicle of Higher Education ( has a web episode about Richard Linder, a US college student who was determined to do the impossible: earn a US college degree while not taking on any student debt.

Mr. Linder cobbled together an associate degree in liberal arts for a mere $3,000. He did it by transferring academic credits to Excelsior College (, a regionally accredited institution that doesn't require students to take any of its own courses.

Mr. Linder's earned his transferred credit hours from an array of unexpected sources: from high school Advanced Placement courses ( to classes taught by the Federal Emergency Management Agency ( and the National Fire Academy ( He even managed to get 1 credit hour from Microsoft ("

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Degree Hack: US College student earns A.S. degree via transferred credit hours

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