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+ - Gavin Newsom Argues Against Government Bureaucracy, Swipes at IT Departments->

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Nerval's Lobster
Nerval's Lobster writes "Gavin Newsom, former mayor of San Francisco and current lieutenant governor of California, argues in his new book "Citizenville" that citizens need to take the lead in solving society's problems, sidestepping government bureaucracy with a variety of technological tools. It’s more efficient for those engineers and concerned citizens to take open government data and use it to build apps that serve a civic function—such as Google Earth, or a map that displays crime statistics—than for government to try and provide these tools itself. But Newsom doesn’t limit his attacks on government bureaucracy to politicians; he also reserves some fire for the IT departments, which he views as an outdated relic. “The traditional IT department, which set up and maintained complex, centralized services—networks, servers, computers, e-mail, printers—may be on its way out,” he writes. “As we move toward the cloud and technology gets easier to use, we’ll have less need for full-time teams of people to maintain our stuff.” Despite his advocacy of the cloud and collaboration, he's also ambivalent about Wikileaks. “It has made government and diplomacy much more challenging and ultimately less honest,” he writes at one point, “as people fear that their private communications might become public.” Nonetheless, he thinks WikiLeaks and its ilk are ultimately here to stay: “It is happening, and it’s going to keep happening, and it’s going to intensify.” In the end, he feels the benefits of collaboration and openness outweigh the drawbacks."
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Gavin Newsom Argues Against Government Bureaucracy, Swipes at IT Departments

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