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Wednesday January 14, 2015 @04:03PM SystemD Gains New Networking Features
Wednesday November 19, 2014 @07:53AM Debian Votes not to Mandate Non-systemd Compatibility
Sunday November 16, 2014 @04:42PM Longtime Debian Developer Tollef Fog Heen Resigns From Systemd Maintainer Team
Saturday November 08, 2014 @01:30PM Joey Hess Resigns From Debian
Monday October 20, 2014 @02:51PM Unix Admins on Debian's systemd adoption: "The Fork is strong with this one"
Monday October 20, 2014 @02:44PM Debian's Systemd Adoption Inspires Threat of Fork
Monday October 20, 2014 @08:56AM Ubuntu Turns 10
Saturday October 18, 2014 @10:27AM Ask Slashdot: Stop PulseAudio From Changing Sound Settings?
Friday October 17, 2014 @08:57AM Debian talks about systemd begins once again
Saturday October 11, 2014 @12:54PM What's Been the Best Linux Distro of 2014?
Wednesday September 24, 2014 @01:04AM Debian Switching Back To GNOME As the Default Desktop
Sunday August 10, 2014 @09:25PM Elementary OS "Freya" Beta Released
Tuesday July 22, 2014 @11:05AM Exodus Intelligence Details Zero-Day Vulnerabilities In Tails OS
Sunday July 20, 2014 @12:34PM MicroxWin Creates Linux Distribution That Runs Debian/Ubuntu & Android Apps
Thursday June 26, 2014 @03:10PM Ask Slashdot: Is It Feasible To Revive an Old Linux PC Setup?
Thursday June 12, 2014 @11:08AM Interviews: Bruce Perens Answers Your Questions
Thursday May 08, 2014 @07:32AM Ask Slashdot: Practical Alternatives To Systemd?
Wednesday April 16, 2014 @08:55AM All Packages Needed For FreedomBox Now In Debian
Tuesday April 15, 2014 @10:57AM Lucas Nussbaum Re-Elected As Debian Project Leader
Monday April 07, 2014 @10:15AM Not Just Apple: GnuTLS Bug Means Security Flaw For Major Linux Distros
Thursday April 03, 2014 @11:04AM Interview: Ask Bruce Perens What You Will
Thursday March 20, 2014 @12:22PM Debian Considering Long Term Support for Squeeze
Thursday February 27, 2014 @05:27PM Experimental Port of Debian To OpenRISC
Friday February 14, 2014 @06:05PM Ubuntu To Switch To systemd
Tuesday February 11, 2014 @08:34AM GNU Hurd Gets Improvements: User-Space Driver Support and More
Sunday February 09, 2014 @03:56PM Debian technical committee votes for systemd over Upstart
Sunday February 09, 2014 @12:25PM Debian Technical Committee Votes For Systemd Over Upstart
Friday January 24, 2014 @07:28AM Valve Offers Free Subscription To Debian Developers: Paying It Forward
Friday January 17, 2014 @12:35PM Spotify uses Debian, endorses systemd instead of Upstarts as default
Tuesday December 31, 2013 @11:14AM 4 Tips For Your New Laptop
Saturday December 14, 2013 @06:29PM Under the Hood of SteamOS
Saturday December 14, 2013 @01:07AM Valve Releases Debian-Based SteamOS Beta
Thursday November 28, 2013 @01:01PM The Burning Bridges of Ubuntu
Thursday November 21, 2013 @10:21AM MATE To Make It Into Debian Repositories
Monday October 28, 2013 @11:21AM Debian To Replace SysVinit, Switch To Systemd Or Upstart
Monday September 09, 2013 @08:32PM Thought Experiment: The Ultimate Creative Content OS
Friday August 16, 2013 @04:21PM Happy birthday, Debian!
Thursday June 27, 2013 @04:20PM Knoppix 7.2 Released
Saturday June 15, 2013 @12:48AM Debian Says Remove Unofficial Repository From Your Sources
Wednesday June 12, 2013 @04:51PM What Keeps You On (or Off) Windows in 2013?
Wednesday May 22, 2013 @07:00AM Debian GNU/Hurd 2013 Released
Wednesday May 22, 2013 @02:36AM Debian GNU/Hurd 2013 Released
Thursday May 09, 2013 @12:08PM Debian + Openbox = CrunchBang Linux (Video)
Sunday May 05, 2013 @08:11PM On the Heels of Wheezy, Aptosid Releases 2013-01
Sunday May 05, 2013 @07:41AM Debian 7.0 ("Wheezy") Released
Thursday April 18, 2013 @03:36PM Debian 7.0 ('Wheezy') Release Planned For 1st Weekend in May
Thursday April 18, 2013 @02:20PM Debian 7.0 (wheezy) release planned for May 5
Tuesday April 02, 2013 @09:49AM Valve Starts Publishing Packages For Its Own Linux Distribution
Wednesday March 13, 2013 @02:28PM Distributed File System for Debian-based Road Warriors?
Wednesday March 13, 2013 @08:59AM Kali Linux, Successor of the BackTrack Penetration Testing Distro, Launched
Tuesday March 05, 2013 @11:47AM Gamer Rewrites Valve's Steam Installer For Debian
Sunday March 03, 2013 @11:58AM Debian Allows Trademark Use For Commercial Activities
Wednesday February 27, 2013 @08:30AM First Debian/Ubuntu Bootable ARM64 Images Released
Thursday February 21, 2013 @02:37PM Debian Project Releases 7.0 "Wheezy" Installer Candidate
Sunday February 10, 2013 @10:10AM GNU Hurd To Develop SATA, USB, Audio Support
Monday January 21, 2013 @10:15AM Debian is used by 32.8% of all the websites who use Linux on January and growing
Wednesday December 26, 2012 @02:56PM Debian m68k Port Resurrected
Monday December 17, 2012 @08:53AM Raspberry Pi Team Launches Pi Store
Thursday November 29, 2012 @03:50PM Anthropologist Spends Three Years Living With Hackers
Sunday November 04, 2012 @02:41AM Navigating the Vast Ocean of Open Source
Tuesday September 25, 2012 @05:30PM You use Linux? What was your distro order?
Wednesday September 05, 2012 @10:16AM AMD64 Surpasses i386 As Debian's Most Popular Architecture
Saturday August 25, 2012 @08:06PM Ask Slashdot: Best *nix Distro For a Dynamic File Server?
Thursday August 16, 2012 @04:47PM Happy Birthday, Debian!
Thursday August 09, 2012 @01:15AM Debian Changes Default Desktop From GNOME To XFCE
Wednesday August 08, 2012 @01:06PM Debian Changes Default Desktop From GNOME To Xfce
Tuesday July 31, 2012 @04:00PM Ask Slashdot: Good Books and Tools For a Software/Hardware Hobbyist?
Friday July 27, 2012 @12:49PM Ask Slashdot: the Best Linux Setup To Transition Windows Users?
Thursday July 26, 2012 @01:26PM Ask Slashdot: The Best Linux setup to transition Windows Users
Wednesday July 18, 2012 @02:20PM Debian Derivative Optimized for the Raspbery Pi Released
Thursday May 10, 2012 @05:17PM English Translation of Debian Administrator's Handbook Available
Thursday April 19, 2012 @04:26PM The State of Debian's Relationship with Ubuntu
Saturday March 31, 2012 @08:28AM Glibc Steering Committee Dissolves; Switches To Co-Operative Development Model
Saturday March 31, 2012 @05:56AM glibc Steering Committee Dissolves; Switches To Co-Operative Development Model
Saturday March 03, 2012 @08:58AM Ask Slashdot: What Is the Best Distro For Linux Lessons?
Saturday March 03, 2012 @07:09AM GPL, Copyleft On The Rise
Friday March 02, 2012 @07:54PM Usage of copyleft licenses on the rise
Friday March 02, 2012 @07:09PM Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Precise Pangolin Beta 1 Released
Monday February 20, 2012 @08:27PM Debian Position on Software Patents
Monday February 13, 2012 @09:44PM Debian Wheezy Code Costed At $19 billion
Wednesday February 01, 2012 @03:39PM Why Linux Vendors Need To Sell More Than Linux
Tuesday January 24, 2012 @03:08PM Spanish Extremadura Moving 40,000 Desktops To Linux
Sunday December 25, 2011 @07:40PM Ask Slashdot: Best Kit For a Home Media Server?
Thursday December 01, 2011 @02:10PM OpenMoko's FreeRunner Rises From the Ashes
Wednesday November 23, 2011 @01:34PM Evolution Of Debian Package Dependencies Resemble Predator-Prey Relationships
Wednesday November 16, 2011 @09:39AM Mint 12: Just what the doctor ordered
Sunday October 09, 2011 @04:07PM Updated Debian 6.0: 6.0.3 released
Friday September 30, 2011 @06:42PM Help Liberate the Debian Administrator's Handbook
Tuesday September 27, 2011 @02:50PM What is a free book worth?
Sunday August 28, 2011 @09:50AM Raspberry Pi Running Quake 3
Saturday August 13, 2011 @08:41AM Installing Linux On a 386 Laptop
Friday July 29, 2011 @12:49AM Debian Wheezy To Have Multi-Architecture Support
Thursday July 28, 2011 @01:13PM Debian Wheezy To Have Multi-architecture Support
Saturday July 16, 2011 @06:30AM Lennart Poettering: BSD Isn't Relevant Anymore
Friday July 15, 2011 @02:46AM Watch Out Linux, GNU Hurd Coming
Tuesday July 12, 2011 @02:42PM Linux Mint 11 KDE To Ditch Ubuntu And Use Debian
Saturday July 09, 2011 @11:15PM Debian, SFLC Publish Patent Advice For Community Distros
Thursday July 07, 2011 @05:32AM Ask Slashdot: Easiest Linux Distro For a Newbie
Thursday June 23, 2011 @04:34PM Synaptic Dropped From Ubuntu 11.10
Thursday June 02, 2011 @11:24AM Ask Slashdot: Best Linux Distro For Computational Cluster?
Friday May 20, 2011 @07:51AM Linux Mint 201104 Xfce Review
Friday April 01, 2011 @07:00AM Canterbury Community Distribution Launched
Thursday March 31, 2011 @08:51PM Debian, openSUSE, Arch, Gentoo and Grml merge
Friday March 25, 2011 @07:11PM 100% Libre, Trisquel 4.5 STS 'Slaine' Released
Saturday March 05, 2011 @11:10AM Debian Is the Most Important Linux
Friday March 04, 2011 @11:20AM Debian is the most important Linux
Saturday February 12, 2011 @07:17PM Debian 6 Squeeze Review
Friday February 11, 2011 @03:23AM Why Debian Matters More Than Ever
Sunday February 06, 2011 @05:59AM Debian 6.0 Released
Saturday February 05, 2011 @04:02AM Debian release begins for Debian 6.0
Friday January 14, 2011 @07:57PM Any advice on teaching Linux to CS freshmen?
Friday December 17, 2010 @01:29AM Debian 6.0 To Feature a Completely Free Kernel
Thursday December 16, 2010 @11:00AM Debian 6.0 To Come With A Completely Free Kernel
Thursday September 16, 2010 @12:31PM Adobe Releases New 64-Bit Flash Plugin For Linux
Saturday August 21, 2010 @05:02PM Distributed secure networking closer yet
Monday August 16, 2010 @01:16PM Happy 17th Birthday, Debian!
Friday August 06, 2010 @05:34PM Debian 6.0 "Squeeze" Frozen
Friday August 06, 2010 @04:40PM Debian 6.0 “Squeeze” frozen
Wednesday March 03, 2010 @06:38PM Ubuntu Gets a New Visual Identity
Wednesday March 03, 2010 @04:07PM Ubuntu dumps the brown, gets new visual identity
Tuesday February 23, 2010 @02:30PM Which Linux For Non-Techie Windows Users?
Saturday January 23, 2010 @03:27PM Red Hat Support Continues To Flourish
Wednesday January 20, 2010 @03:15PM Benchmarks of Debian GNU/kFreeBSD vs. GNU/Linux
Thursday December 17, 2009 @02:58PM Shuttleworth To Step Down As Canonical CEO In 2010
Thursday December 10, 2009 @04:50AM Malware Found Hidden In Screensaver On Gnome-Look
Tuesday October 27, 2009 @03:21PM Comparing the Freedoms Offered By Maemo and Android
Thursday October 08, 2009 @07:43AM Debian Elevates KFreeBSD Port to First-Class Status
Thursday September 24, 2009 @12:30PM New OLPC Laptop 1.5 Dual-Boots Sugar, Gnome Desktop
Thursday September 03, 2009 @03:10PM Ubuntu 9.04 On Kindle 2
Thursday July 30, 2009 @01:23AM Debian Decides To Adopt Time-Based Release Freezes
Monday July 13, 2009 @03:20AM Shuttleworth's Take On GNOME 3.0, Coordination with Debian
Monday June 29, 2009 @05:28AM Richard Stallman Says No To Mono
Monday June 15, 2009 @01:34PM Mono Squeezed Into Debian Default Installation
Friday May 08, 2009 @01:55PM Preparing To Migrate Off of SHA-1 In OpenPGP
Thursday May 07, 2009 @05:54AM Debian Switching From Glibc To Eglibc
Tuesday May 05, 2009 @11:31AM Shuttleworth Says Ubuntu Can't Just Be Windows
Friday April 24, 2009 @09:01AM Ubuntu 9.04 Is As Slick As Win7, Mac OS X
Sunday April 19, 2009 @07:30AM Use apt-p2p To Improve Ubuntu 9.04 Upgrade
Thursday April 16, 2009 @11:18PM Ubuntu 9.04 RC Released
Monday April 13, 2009 @02:55PM How To Build an Openfire Chat Server On Debian 5
Saturday April 11, 2009 @07:51AM Debian Gets FreeBSD Kernel Support
Sunday April 05, 2009 @04:57PM Debia get FreeBSD kernel support
Wednesday February 25, 2009 @04:36AM Which Distro For an Eee PC?
Sunday February 22, 2009 @11:33AM Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 "Lenny" Released
Sunday February 15, 2009 @10:54AM A Modern Woody Debian GNU/Linux Installer
Tuesday February 03, 2009 @10:33PM Torvalds Rejects One-Size-Fits-All Linux
Sunday January 25, 2009 @06:46PM Jumping To Ubuntu At Work For Non-Linux Geeks
Tuesday January 20, 2009 @07:00PM Canonical Close To $30M Critical Mass; Should Microsoft Worry?
Friday January 16, 2009 @01:24PM The Secret Lives of Ubuntu and Debian Users
Friday January 16, 2009 @10:49AM Debian For Android Installer Released
Thursday January 15, 2009 @09:43PM Ubuntu 9.04 Daily Build Boots In 21.4 Seconds
Wednesday December 17, 2008 @04:49PM Will a Solid State Drive notebook as a server do?
Sunday November 23, 2008 @09:44PM Taking a Look at Nexenta's Blend of Solaris and Ubuntu
Wednesday November 19, 2008 @09:56PM Debian Packages Screenshots Repository Launched
Wednesday November 19, 2008 @11:22AM Debian Bug Leaves Private SSL/SSH Keys Guessable
Friday November 14, 2008 @02:53AM Debian Lenny Installer RC1 Arrives
Friday November 14, 2008 @02:49AM Debian Running On the T-Mobile G1
Thursday November 06, 2008 @03:58PM Is Ubuntu Getting Slower?
Saturday October 18, 2008 @06:34PM Bugs Delay Release of Debian Lenny
Wednesday October 15, 2008 @01:03PM Australian State May Give Students Linux Laptops
Thursday September 11, 2008 @11:44PM Ubuntu To Pay for Upgrades To the Free Software User Experience
Tuesday September 09, 2008 @08:09AM Ubuntu 9 Is Jaunty Jackalope, Coming Next April
Monday August 25, 2008 @09:30AM Solving Sudoku With dpkg
Sunday August 24, 2008 @05:46PM FSF-Sponsored gNewSense 2.1 Released
Friday August 15, 2008 @07:59AM Debian's Testing Branch Nears Completion
Thursday August 14, 2008 @07:58PM Strange Ubuntu/Vista Compatibility Bug, Solved
Wednesday August 06, 2008 @04:38PM Freespire Lives, Goes Back To Debian
Saturday July 26, 2008 @02:21PM How Dell Is Making Ubuntu Linux More Attractive
Saturday July 26, 2008 @01:18AM Intel Switches From Ubuntu To Fedora For Mobile Linux
Friday July 25, 2008 @11:26AM Debian Maintainer Hints At September Release for Lenny
Thursday July 10, 2008 @05:07PM Package Managers As Achilles Heel
Thursday June 05, 2008 @02:25PM Canonical Talks Netbook Remix Details
Sunday May 18, 2008 @12:21AM Dag Wieers Scoffs at Coordinated Linux Release Proposal
Thursday May 15, 2008 @06:05PM Shuttleworth Calls For Coordinated Release Cycles
Thursday May 01, 2008 @02:06PM FSF-Approved gNewSense 2.0 Released
Tuesday April 29, 2008 @12:41PM Debian Not Looking For Commercial Fortune
Sunday April 27, 2008 @12:56AM KDE Desktops For 52 Million Students In Brazil
Thursday April 24, 2008 @11:57AM Ubuntu 8.04 Released
Tuesday April 15, 2008 @02:02AM Study Reports On Debian Governance, Social Organization
Friday November 02, 2007 @05:59PM Ubuntu Dev Summit Lays Out Plans For Hardy Heron
Monday October 29, 2007 @04:07AM Review of Asus Linux-Based Eee PC 701
Thursday October 18, 2007 @01:28PM Ubuntu 7.10 "Gutsy Gibbon" Is Out
Monday October 01, 2007 @03:38AM Debian Refuses To Push Timezone Update For NZ DST
Friday September 14, 2007 @03:00AM Debian win32-loader Goes Official
Friday August 03, 2007 @04:46PM #debian & IRC Politics
Tuesday July 10, 2007 @12:36PM Canonical Begins To Open-Source Launchpad
Wednesday April 11, 2007 @11:09PM Debian 4.0 'Etch' Released
Wednesday April 11, 2007 @10:58PM Two Major Debian Releases In One Day
Sunday April 08, 2007 @09:03AM Debian Etch Released
Monday March 26, 2007 @03:14AM Debian at the crossroads
Monday March 19, 2007 @03:56PM Ian Murdock: Debian "Missing a Big Opportunity"
Monday March 12, 2007 @08:11PM How Open Source Projects Survive Poisonous People
Sunday March 11, 2007 @05:39PM Debian Package of the Day
Friday February 23, 2007 @08:49AM Raymond Knocks Fedora, Switches to Ubuntu
Monday January 29, 2007 @02:23AM Debian Gets Win32 Installer
Wednesday December 27, 2006 @05:33PM Is Ubuntu a Serious Desktop Contender?
Tuesday December 26, 2006 @02:35PM The Well-Tempered Debian desktop
Thursday December 21, 2006 @02:07PM Debian Delayed by Disenchanted Developers
Wednesday December 13, 2006 @10:41PM MySQL Quietly Drops Support For Debian Linux [UPDATED]
Sunday December 10, 2006 @05:18PM Debian Conference Video DVDs Released

Heard that the next Space Shuttle is supposed to carry several Guernsey cows? It's gonna be the herd shot 'round the world.


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