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Sunday January 11, 2015 @10:06PM Chicago E-Learning Scheme Embraces Virtual Badges For Public Schoolers
Wednesday December 24, 2014 @10:01PM Problem Solver Beer Tells How Much To Drink To Boost Your Creativity
Monday November 17, 2014 @05:52PM Real Steampunk Computer Brought Back To Life
Friday August 22, 2014 @04:13PM Illinois University Restricts Access To Social Media, Online Political Content
Tuesday August 19, 2014 @08:04AM Feds: Red Light Camera Firm Paid For Chicago Official's Car, Condo
Sunday August 10, 2014 @12:39AM Chicago Mayor Praises Google For Buying Kids Microsoft Surfaces
Friday June 27, 2014 @03:08PM George Lucas Selects Chicago For the Star Wars Museum
Saturday June 21, 2014 @06:10AM Chicago Adding Sensors For Public Monitoring
Friday June 13, 2014 @07:21PM Man Arrested For Parodying Mayor On Twitter Files Civil Rights Lawsuit
Monday June 09, 2014 @09:34PM Chicago Robber Caught By Facial Recognition Sentenced To 22 Years
Friday April 18, 2014 @05:51PM Peoria Mayor Sends Police To Track Down Twitter Parodist
Sunday March 09, 2014 @03:02PM Yik Yak, After Complaints From Schools, Suspends Its Service In Chicago
Thursday January 02, 2014 @07:57AM Illinois Law Grounds PETA Drones Meant To Harass Hunters
Tuesday December 10, 2013 @07:59AM Chicago Public Schools Promoting Computer Science to Core Subject
Thursday October 24, 2013 @09:32AM How Safe Is Cycling?
Wednesday September 04, 2013 @09:30AM Can Closed Public Schools Become Makerspaces? (Video)
Thursday July 18, 2013 @08:17AM IQ Test Pegs ConceptNet 4 AI About As Smart As a 4-Year-Old
Sunday June 02, 2013 @09:28AM Chicago Sun Times Swaps iPhone Training For Staff Photographers
Saturday May 04, 2013 @05:42PM Redditors (and Popehat) Versus a Bus Company
Friday February 22, 2013 @07:32AM Illinois Politician Wants a Kill Switch For Anonymous Speech Online
Tuesday November 20, 2012 @08:49AM Nanoparticles Stop Multiple Sclerosis In Mice
Wednesday November 07, 2012 @11:44AM Researchers Create Working Nano Laser
Monday November 05, 2012 @01:18AM Climbing 103 Floors On a 'Bionic' Leg
Sunday November 04, 2012 @10:11AM Boeing 787 Makes US Debut
Monday September 17, 2012 @01:57PM Chicago Teachers Rip 'Big Money Interest Groups'
Monday July 16, 2012 @12:22PM Chicago Tribune Stops the Journatic Presses
Thursday March 22, 2012 @08:14AM Historic Heat In North America Turns Winter To Summer
Tuesday March 13, 2012 @11:31AM Astroturfing For Speed Cameras
Saturday March 03, 2012 @06:40AM Cook County Judge Says Law Banning Recording Police Is Unconstitutional
Tuesday February 21, 2012 @12:42PM Tech Billionaire-Backed Charter School Under Fire In Chicago
Thursday February 02, 2012 @09:30AM Installation of Blue Waters Petaflop Supercomputer Begins
Friday January 20, 2012 @09:37AM Silver Solution Ink Makes Faster Flexible Circuits
Thursday December 22, 2011 @12:59PM Self-Healing Chips Fix Themselves
Thursday November 24, 2011 @08:32AM Water Pump Destruction Not Due To SCADA Hack
Friday November 18, 2011 @06:13PM Feds Investigating Water Utility Pump Failure As Possible Cyberattack
Monday November 14, 2011 @01:50PM Cray Replaces IBM To Build $188M Supercomputer
Monday October 24, 2011 @12:13AM Rendering Synthetic Objects Into Old Photographs
Wednesday October 05, 2011 @10:36AM Big Brother Calls 'Shotgun' In Illinois
Thursday September 29, 2011 @09:24AM Tevatron Has Come To the End of Its Run
Monday August 08, 2011 @05:58PM NCSA and IBM Part Ways Over Blue Waters
Monday July 18, 2011 @02:56PM Bill Clinton Says 'Paint Your Roofs White'
Monday July 11, 2011 @11:20PM GPU-Powered Planetarium Renders 64MP Projection
Friday July 08, 2011 @09:37PM Novel Drive Wheel System Based On Spinning Sphere
Wednesday June 29, 2011 @01:29PM Silver Pen Allows For Hand-Written Circuits
Thursday November 25, 2010 @09:04AM Chicago Using Coyotes To Fight Rodents
Tuesday August 24, 2010 @04:27PM Blagojevich Appears At Chicago Comic Con
Saturday July 31, 2010 @08:00PM Reading Terrorists' Minds About Imminent Attack
Wednesday June 16, 2010 @12:27PM Spamhaus Fine Reduced From $11.7M To $27K
Tuesday May 25, 2010 @05:12PM Where Were You When PLATO Was Born?
Wednesday April 21, 2010 @12:41AM The Sopranos Meet H-1B In New Jersey
Friday April 16, 2010 @05:49PM Databases In Caves? A Unique Google Fiber Bid
Tuesday April 13, 2010 @10:00PM The World's Largest Data Centers
Monday April 12, 2010 @11:46AM Should Kids Be Bribed To Do Well In School?
Wednesday April 07, 2010 @01:24PM Chicago Debates Merits of ShotSpotter Technology
Sunday March 21, 2010 @06:53PM Multicore Requires OS Rework, Windows Expert Says
Sunday February 14, 2010 @09:06PM Was This the First Denial of Service Attack?
Tuesday November 10, 2009 @08:52AM Prosecutors Seek Journalism Students’ Grades After They Help Free Innocent
Saturday November 07, 2009 @04:45PM Comic Books Improve Early Childhood Literacy

Heard that the next Space Shuttle is supposed to carry several Guernsey cows? It's gonna be the herd shot 'round the world.


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