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Submission + - Obama Hints Against China's Firewall and Censorshi (nytimes.com)

eldavojohn writes: "Answering Q&A with Chinese students in Shanghai, President Obama made several statements knocking China's firewall and censorship saying, "I am a big believer in technology and I'm a big believer in openness when it comes to the flow of information. I think that the more freely information flows, the stronger the society becomes, because then citizens of countries around the world can hold their own governments accountable. They can begin to think for themselves. That generates new ideas. It encourages creativity. And so I've always been a strong supporter of open Internet use. I'm a big supporter of non-censorship. This is part of the tradition of the United States that I discussed before, and I recognize that different countries have different traditions. I can tell you that in the United States, the fact that we have free Internet — or unrestricted Internet access is a source of strength, and I think should be encouraged." Unfortunately, the New York Times notes that this was broadcasted only on the local level and did not gain China's full national attention but at least American news sources are gobbling it up."
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Obama Hints Against China's Firewall and Censorshi

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