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Submission + - Android Threatens Oracle's Embedded Java Business (

snydeq writes: "InfoWorld's Josh Fruhlinger reports on the Oracle's underlying motivation for its lawsuit against Google — that Google's Java-derived hybrid must die for a profitable Java Mobile Edition to live. 'While Java SE is open source and distributed free of charge, OEMs must pay a fee to put Java ME on their gadgets,' Fruhlinger writes. 'But in the last few years, advances in processor power have produced embedded platforms that are capable of running Java SE — so, oops, no need to pay for Java ME.' To combat this, Sun added a 'field of use restrictions' to Java SE's license terms, under which Apache's Harmony, the basis for the Android programming environment, never received Sun's seal of approval, thereby raising flags around Android's 'routing around Sun's IP' back in 2007. 'And the fight isn't just about phones: Android is at the heart of the embryonic Google TV, and that's another market where Oracle would love to see Java ME thrive.'"
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Android Threatens Oracle's Embedded Java Business

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