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Submission + - Book Review: Haxe 2 for beginners

An anonymous reader writes: Recently the book 'Haxe 2 for Beginners' has been released by Packt Publishing (http://www.packtpub.com/haxe-2-beginners-guide/book). This book contains a thorough description of the syntax and semantics of the basics of HaXe, an advanced object oriented multi-platform language.

This is a great book if you already have experience with OO-programming and would like to learn more about HaXe. It is very up to date and has a great introduction on all of the features that you will generally need. The syntax is described very well, and the examples are very to-the-point. No-nonesense HaXe goodness!

If you are an advanced HaXe developer, you may find that this book is a good reference. To my knowledge this book is the only up-to-date book on HaXe and I found out a couple of new handy things (or maybe things that I had just forgotten). However, the book does not contain a thorough description on Reflection and Types. The part about Generics could have incorporated multiple parameters and relations between them, but the basics are explained well. Also, I would personally have liked to know more about the Meta features, but this is not described in the book. But beginner's probably don't want to know details about this feature anyway.

When do you want to learn HaXe?

You want to learn this language if:
- you are a web developer (HaXe works extremely well as a 'development turbocharger' for specialized projects on a LAMP stack)
- you like the richness of features and the ease of deployment of PHP, but think that it generally lacks the best OO-features and prefer strictly-typed languages
- you like to learn a lot of languages in one go, and have them communicate with each other (via remoting)
- you like to explore new OO-features (generics, dynamics, reflection, rtti/metadata, etc. etc.)
- and more..

I use/have used HaXe to develop in Flash, Javascript and PHP. Some of the projects I have managed to make (with Haxe for both front-end and back-end):

I would never ever want to go back to PHP. Development time has been cut in half and I rarely find any bug.

All in all, I think this is a great book and I hope it will help HaXe grow.
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Book Review: Haxe 2 for beginners

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