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Submission + - Is Google targeting Firefox? 1

arglebargle_xiv writes: As of about two weeks ago, Google searches carried out from Firefox are returning meta redirects that require manually clicking through every search result in order to reach your target. In doing this Google is specifically targeting Firefox and no other browser (switching your user agent to anything other than Firefox gets rid of the problem). Presumably switching to Chrome would also resolve the issue. Could this targeting of Firefox be because it's Google's main competitor in the open-source browser market?
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Is Google targeting Firefox?

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  • If Google is doing that only to Firefox users, that would seem rather evil.

    I've read that they roll out "new" features for testing to subsets of searchers, but if the user-agent switching gets rid of it, well, I'm kinda pissed at that.

    I mostly use [] for my searches, but sometimes still Google things.

    Well, I just tried it, and no redirects. So it's been rectified.

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