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Data Storage

Submission + - Hard drive prices going up 150% in less than two m ( 1

zyzko writes: "The Register reports that hard drive prices (lowest average unit prices) have rocketed 151% from October 1 to November 14th. The worst days have seen over 5% daily price increases. The reason for this is attributed to floods in Thailand but there are concerns of artificial price fixing and suspicion that retailers or members of supply channel are taking advantage of the situation."
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Hard drive prices going up 150% in less than two m

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  • Target is, at least indirectly.
    When the prices started to go up I grabbed all four of the 3TB external drives from my local Target because they were still marked at the original price which was about $100 cheaper than the cheapest internal 3TB drives online. I left the 2TB drives on the shelf. But when I came back a week later I went to look and they still had the exact same stock of 2TB drives but the price on the shelf was covered up with a new sticker that was practically double ($88 to $158). They ha

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