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Submission + - Man claims he invented the internet, sues Google, Yahoo, and others (wired.com) 1

sohmc writes: Michael Doyle claims that he invented the first internet. It was designed to allow doctors to view embryos on a browser window. If the name sounds familiar, it's because back in 1999, his company Eolas successfully sued Microsoft for violating the same patent. Microsoft appealed, but eventually settled. Tim Berners-Lee — father of the early web — is scheduled to testify. As someone who denounces software patents in general, I wonder why Google, et al, would even ask him to testify. Many of these companies (think Amazon's 1-click patent) have used patent laws to their advantage. It will be interesting to see what shakes out.
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Man claims he invented the internet, sues Google, Yahoo, and others

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  • I was gonna cry foul as the first www browser was uploaded well before 1993.
    - I passed on it, figured it was just another fancy terminal program, who knew...

    This person's claim is over "Applets and plug-ins allow Web surfers to view
    multimedia or real-time content within a Web browser rather than a separate
    software application."

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