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Submission + - WebGL 3D Graphs on Google (i-programmer.info)

mikejuk writes: WebGL 3D graphics is becoming a critical requirement for anything impressive on the web, but now Google seem to be pushing it into situations where it can do real work. If you type in a function like sin(x+y) into the usual search box you will see an interactive 3D plot created — or you will if you are using a WebGL supporting browser. If you happen to be using IE9 or later then you just see a message "3D charts require a web browser and system that support WebGL"
This is great news for math lovers but — for the first time Microsoft's browser fails on a mainstream site doing a standard task.
Put simply -
How long can Microsoft keep its head in the sand and claim that IE9 or IE10 are standards-based HTML5 browsers when missing out such a huge feature as WebGL?
Either Microsoft has to wake up and face reality or we have to wake up and switch to Firefox or Chrome.

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WebGL 3D Graphs on Google

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