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Submission + - Facebook Users Posting Photos Of Olympics Could End Up Being Sued ( 1

hypnosec writes: What better way to welcome what is being described as the world's "first social media Olympics" than by introducing an extremely anti-social policy? Not a clue? You're not alone. With London's summer 2012 games due to take place in the very near future, you'd think that organizers would make more of an effort and persuade people to show more of an interest — yet it appears the complete opposite has happened, with strict guidelines banning athletes from posting photos of themselves on Twitter with products that aren't official Olympics sponsors, as well as prohibiting videos or photos to be taken from the athlete's village. Oh and just for good measure, fans could find themselves barred from sharing videos and photos on Facebook and YouTube of themselves delighting in said Olympics action.
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Facebook Users Posting Photos Of Olympics Could End Up Being Sued

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  • The IOC has gone beyond reasonable precautions in the name of 'safety' in this regard, especially in regards to "fans using pictures etc... of their own on social media sites." Its just madness really. I think for the forseeable future I'll advoid bothering to support or watch the Olympics until this policy changes. For this the IOC has lost all respect for every participating country and their respective peoples. Smacks too much of Richard Stallman's " The Right to Read []" article. Orwellian [] dystopia has bec

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