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Submission + - EU Supply of IPv4 Addresses to Run Out Next Month

revealingheart writes: ISPreview reports that Europe’s Regional Internet Registry (RIR), RIPE NCC, which handles the distribution of internet addresses in Europe, has officially warned that they have just “one month worth of IPv4 address space” left. A final block of 16.8m addresses will be gradually released, but on a restricted basis. RIPE provides a graph with the number of addresses available, while Geoff Huston also has projections on how long registries have before exhaustion.

This follows the news of the last IPv4 blocks being issued by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) to Regional Internet Registrys in February last year. Asia-Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC) ran out of addresses to allocate for the Asia-Pacific region 2 months later.

IPv4 uses 32 bits for addresses, giving a maximum possible 4.3bn addresses to allocate for devices to connect to the internet. IPv6 is a replacement for IPv4, with support for 128 bit addresses (3.4 × 10^38 addresses). As of June this year, IPv6 only has 0.2% of internet traffic, with sales of unused IPv4 addresses gaining steam.
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EU Supply of IPv4 Addresses to Run Out Next Month

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