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Wednesday December 06, 2017 @01:14PM Facebook and YouTube Are Full of Pirated Video Streams of Live NFL Games
Friday December 01, 2017 @03:29PM Netflix Is Not Going to Kill Piracy, Research Suggests
Friday November 24, 2017 @01:59PM Google and Apple Order Telegram To Nuke Channel Over Taylor Swift Piracy
Thursday November 23, 2017 @02:56PM Ajit Pai and the FCC Want It To Be Legal for Comcast To Block BitTorrent
Thursday November 16, 2017 @02:49PM Hollywood Strikes Back Against Illegal Streaming Kodi Add-ons
Thursday November 02, 2017 @08:42AM Pirate TV Services Are Taking a Bite Out of Cable Company Revenue
Monday October 30, 2017 @02:31PM How Kodi Took Over Piracy
Monday October 30, 2017 @08:55AM Google Denies Demoting the Pirate Bay In Some Countries
Wednesday October 11, 2017 @02:29PM Pirate Bay is Mining Cryptocurrency Again, No Opt Out
Tuesday October 10, 2017 @02:16PM It's Illegal to Pirate Films in Iran, Unless You're the Government
Tuesday October 03, 2017 @01:35PM Judge Recommends ISP and Search Engine Blocking of Sci-Hub in the US
Friday September 29, 2017 @11:36PM Hollywood's International War on Kodi Plugins And Video-Streaming Boxes
Saturday September 16, 2017 @11:23AM Can The Pirate Bay Replace Ads With A Bitcoin Miner?
Saturday September 09, 2017 @02:30PM Kodi Is Fighting Trademark Trolls
Monday September 04, 2017 @12:12PM Amid Crackdown On Torrent Websites, Some Users Move To Google Drive To Distribute Movies and Shows
Monday August 28, 2017 @03:07PM The Mayweather-McGregor Fight Shows It's Impossible to Stop Social Media Streaming of Big Events
Monday August 21, 2017 @08:43AM The Windows App Store is Full of Pirate Streaming Apps
Wednesday August 02, 2017 @01:25PM Font Maker Sues Universal Music Over 'Pirated' The Vamps Logo
Tuesday July 25, 2017 @03:29PM Cloudflare Wants to Eliminate 'Moot' Pirate Site Blocking Threat
Friday July 21, 2017 @10:38PM Kodi Magazine 'Directs Readers To Pirate Content'
Wednesday July 19, 2017 @04:31PM Game of Thrones Pirates Being Monitored By HBO, Warnings On The Way
Wednesday July 12, 2017 @01:53PM Net Neutrality is Not a Pirates' Fight Anymore
Friday July 07, 2017 @05:41AM Stream-ripping Is 'Fastest Growing' Music Piracy
Tuesday July 04, 2017 @08:54PM Sci-Hub 'Pirate Bay For Scientists' Sued by American Chemical Society Over Cloned Site
Monday June 26, 2017 @12:06PM Indie Game Developer Shares Free Keys on The Pirate Bay
Friday June 16, 2017 @02:41PM Movie Piracy Cost Australian Network 'Hundreds of Millions of Dollars'
Thursday June 15, 2017 @12:25PM Pirate Bay Is Infringing Copyright, European Court of Justice Rules
Friday June 02, 2017 @03:16PM Hollywood Sees Illegal Streaming Devices as 'Piracy 3.0'
Saturday May 27, 2017 @12:45AM The Lawyer Who Founded Prenda Law Just Got Disbarred
Friday May 26, 2017 @03:00PM Sean Parker Is Going To Great Lengths To Ensure 'Screening Room' Is Piracy Free, Patents Reveal
Friday May 26, 2017 @05:11AM Disney Chief Bob Iger Doesn't Believe Movie Hack Threat Was Real
Saturday May 20, 2017 @02:14PM Movie Piracy Blackmail Plot Fails In India, Six Arrested
Wednesday May 17, 2017 @01:30PM Popular Torrent Site ExtraTorrent Permanently Shuts Down
Friday May 12, 2017 @09:05AM Google Releases Study Defending YouTube's Value To Music Biz; Trade Bodies Hit Back
Tuesday May 09, 2017 @01:51PM Spotify Used 'Pirate' MP3 Files In Its Early Days: Report
Sunday May 07, 2017 @09:00PM Microsoft Patents Flagging Technology For 'Repeat Offenders' Of Pirated Content
Sunday April 30, 2017 @04:54PM Hacker Leaks 'Orange Is the New Black' Episodes After Failing To Extort Netflix
Friday April 21, 2017 @01:55PM Court Rules Fan Subtitles On TV and Movies Are Illegal
Friday April 14, 2017 @01:45AM Cloudflare Doesn't Want To Become the 'Piracy Police'
Thursday April 13, 2017 @09:24AM Pirate Bay Founder: 'I Have Given Up'
Tuesday April 11, 2017 @02:11PM The Kodi Development Team Wants To Be Legitimate and Bring DRM To the Platform.
Friday March 31, 2017 @11:11PM Amazon Bans Sales of Media Player Boxes That Promote Piracy
Tuesday March 28, 2017 @02:26PM BitTorrent To Refocus On What Made It Rich - uTorrent
Monday March 27, 2017 @12:09PM 'Pirate' Movie Streaming Sites Declared Legal By Italian Court
Friday March 17, 2017 @09:05AM Ebook Pirates Are Relatively Old and Wealthy, Study Finds
Saturday March 11, 2017 @03:05PM How Seven Movie Studios Forced A Pirated Movie Site Offline
Friday March 10, 2017 @10:26PM A Prenda Copyright Troll Finally Pleaded Guilty
Friday March 10, 2017 @08:43PM Filmmakers Take Dutch State To Court Over Lost Piracy Revenue
Thursday March 09, 2017 @01:35PM Despite Netflix and Amazon Prime, Most of the World Watches Pirated Content
Monday March 06, 2017 @02:58PM Streaming Pirate Content Isn't Illegal, UK Trading Standards Says
Friday March 03, 2017 @08:43PM Ask Slashdot: How Would You Handle A Bogus Copyright Infringement Notice?
Saturday February 25, 2017 @01:23AM Seven Film Studios Want 41 Web Sites Blocked By Australian ISPs
Thursday February 23, 2017 @01:11PM Google Says Almost Every Recent 'Trusted' DMCA Notices Were Bogus
Tuesday February 21, 2017 @01:36PM Online Piracy Can Boost Comic Book Sales, Research Finds
Monday February 20, 2017 @09:28AM Google and Microsoft To Crackdown On Piracy Sites In Search Results
Monday February 20, 2017 @12:32AM Kim Dotcom Can Be Extradited, Rules A New Zealand Court
Friday February 17, 2017 @03:30PM 70 Percent of Young Swedish Men Are Video Pirates, Study Says
Thursday February 16, 2017 @02:02PM CloudFlare Puts Pirate Sites on New IP Addresses, Avoids Cogent Blockade
Tuesday February 14, 2017 @02:55PM Canada Remains a 'Safe Haven' For Online Piracy, Rightsholders Claim
Friday February 10, 2017 @09:43AM Internet Backbone Provider Cogent Blocks Pirate Bay and Other 'Pirate' Sites
Tuesday February 07, 2017 @10:00AM Movie Industry Wants Irish ISPs To Block Pirate Movie Streaming Portals
Monday February 06, 2017 @01:42AM DRM Company Denuvo Forgets To Secure Its Server, Leaks Two Years Of Emails
Thursday February 02, 2017 @12:29PM Film Industry's Latest Search Engine Draws Traffic With 'Pirate' Keywords'
Tuesday January 31, 2017 @10:10AM Swedish Govt Mulls Tougher Punishments To Tackle Pirate Sites
Sunday January 29, 2017 @12:03AM ISPs Finally Abandon The Copyright Alert System
Wednesday January 25, 2017 @03:30PM UK 'Pirates' Get 20-Day Grace Period After Each Warning
Thursday January 19, 2017 @02:47PM 32% of All US Adults Watch Pirated Content
Wednesday January 04, 2017 @09:30AM Piracy 'Warnings' Fail To Boost Box Office Revenues, Research Says
Sunday January 01, 2017 @08:20PM Despite Piracy Claims, North American Box Office Hits Record $11.4 Billion In 2016
Friday December 30, 2016 @09:14PM Creepy Site Claims To Reveal Torrenting Histories
Friday December 30, 2016 @02:21PM Bad Year For Piracy: 2016 Was The Year Torrent Giants Fell
Tuesday December 27, 2016 @02:12PM Torrent Website ExtraTorrent Under DDoS Attacks; Pirate Bay Also Down
Monday December 26, 2016 @09:21PM Top Spotify Lawyer: Attracting Pirates is in Our DNA
Friday December 23, 2016 @08:44AM US Government Targets Pirate Bay and Other 'Piracy Havens'
Monday December 12, 2016 @09:15AM Grand Tour 'Most Illegally Downloaded TV Show In History'
Wednesday December 07, 2016 @09:18AM Falsely Accused Movie Pirate Deserves $17K Compensation, Court Says
Monday December 05, 2016 @08:57AM Embedding Isn't Copyright Infringement, Says Italian Court
Friday December 02, 2016 @10:21AM Free TV-Show Streaming Hurts Online Sales, Research Finds
Thursday December 01, 2016 @12:42PM UK ISPs To Start Sending 'Piracy Alerts' Soon
Monday November 28, 2016 @03:50PM Google Asked to Remove a Billion 'Pirate' Search Results in a Year
Friday November 25, 2016 @02:02PM $1 Billion Getty Images Public Domain Photograph Dispute is Over
Wednesday November 23, 2016 @09:54AM Opera Browser Asked to Blacklist Pirate Sites in 'Turbo Mode'
Tuesday November 22, 2016 @09:10AM Aussie Internet Pirates Are The Best Customers
Tuesday November 15, 2016 @09:59AM US Navy Denies Pirating Software on 550K Computers, Says It Had Bought Licenses For 38 Machines
Friday November 11, 2016 @01:59PM University Bans BitTorrent To Stop Flood of Infringement Notices
Friday November 04, 2016 @02:58PM Cloudflare Slams MPAA and RIAA's 'Distorted' Piracy Claims
Tuesday November 01, 2016 @09:45AM CloudFlare Can Be Ordered To Disclose Science Piracy Website Owner Details
Monday October 31, 2016 @02:57PM 86-Year Old Grandma Accused of Pirating a Zombie Game
Sunday October 30, 2016 @03:18PM Pirate Party Gains Seats In Iceland's Election
Wednesday October 26, 2016 @01:55PM Repeat Infringers Can Be Mere Downloaders, Court Rules
Tuesday October 25, 2016 @03:25PM Warner Bros Claims Agency Ran Its Own Pirate Movie Site
Wednesday October 19, 2016 @09:32AM Spanish Police Arrest Their First Ever eBook Pirate
Monday October 17, 2016 @01:53AM More Performers Are Demanding Audiences Lock Up Their Phones
Thursday October 13, 2016 @10:31AM RIAA Seizes Wrong MP3Skull Domain
Tuesday October 11, 2016 @04:52PM Court Rejects Massive Torrent Damages Claim, Admin Avoids Jail
Thursday October 06, 2016 @03:55PM Chrome and Firefox Flag The Pirate Bay As a 'Phishing' Site...Again
Monday October 03, 2016 @04:39PM 'If KickassTorrents is a Criminal Operation, Google Should Start Worrying'
Wednesday September 28, 2016 @03:44PM Cloudflare: We Can't Shut Down Pirate Sites
Thursday September 22, 2016 @11:08AM Hackers Seed Torrent Trackers With Malware Disguised as Popular Downloads
Wednesday September 21, 2016 @03:51PM Stop Piracy? Legal Alternatives Beat Legal Threats, Research Shows
Thursday September 15, 2016 @03:14PM Chrome and Firefox Block Pirate Bay Over 'Harmful Programs'
Wednesday September 14, 2016 @10:12AM 10 Years in Prison For Online Pirates a Step Closer in the UK
Monday September 12, 2016 @10:15AM Ubuntu Torrent Removed From Google Due To DMCA Complaint
Monday September 05, 2016 @11:38AM Warner Bros Issues Takedown For Own Website
Monday September 05, 2016 @09:41AM Swedish ISP Attacks Copyright Trolls Over Trademark Infringement
Tuesday August 30, 2016 @01:42PM Europe's Net Neutrality Doesn't Ban BitTorrent Throttling
Sunday August 28, 2016 @01:26AM Kim Dotcom Will Revive Megaupload, Linking File Transfers To Bitcoin Microtransactions
Saturday August 27, 2016 @01:35PM BitTorrent Cases Filed By Malibu Media Will Proceed, Rules Judge
Wednesday August 24, 2016 @11:39AM Cloudflare Faces Lawsuit For Assisting Pirate Sites
Monday August 22, 2016 @03:35PM Cox Denies Liability for Pirating Subscribers, Appeals $25 Million Verdict
Sunday August 21, 2016 @10:07AM India Threatens 3-Year Jail Sentences For Viewing Blocked Torrents
Friday August 19, 2016 @06:17PM Scammers Use Harvard Education Platform to Promote Pirated Movies
Monday August 15, 2016 @02:28PM TorrentFreak Interviews The Pirate Bay Staff, As the Torrent Website Celebrates 13th Anniversary
Monday August 15, 2016 @01:02PM Reddit Tells Label It Won't Cough Up IP Address of Prerelease Music Pirate
Friday August 12, 2016 @11:12AM Rightscorp Threatens Every ISP in the United States
Wednesday August 03, 2016 @03:47PM Microsoft, Google, Apple Could Be Requested To Actively Block Pirated Downloads, Says Report
Saturday July 30, 2016 @08:20PM Mr. Robot 'Plugs' uTorrent and Pirate Release Groups
Friday July 29, 2016 @09:45AM Movie Studios 'Take Down' Popular KAT Mirror
Wednesday July 27, 2016 @01:09PM James Cameron: Theater Experience Key To Containing Piracy
Thursday July 21, 2016 @02:44PM IsoHunt Launches Unofficial KAT Mirror
Tuesday July 19, 2016 @03:22PM Google and Bing Have No Obligation To Censor Searches For Torrents
Friday July 15, 2016 @01:41PM 'Tor and Bitcoin Hinder Anti-Piracy Efforts'
Friday July 08, 2016 @03:54PM Fair Use Threatens Innovation, Copyright Holders Warn
Wednesday July 06, 2016 @03:19PM UK Bill Introduces 10 Year Prison Sentence for Online Pirates
Sunday July 03, 2016 @12:35PM ICANN: We Won't Pass Judgment On Pirate Sites
Friday June 24, 2016 @10:44PM From File-Sharing To Prison: The Story of a Jailed Megaupload Programmer
Friday June 24, 2016 @02:11PM Piracy Phishing Scam Targets US ISPs and Subscribers
Friday June 24, 2016 @10:51AM Chrome Bug Makes It Easy To Download Movies From Netflix and Amazon Prime
Monday June 20, 2016 @01:36PM High IQ Countries Have Less Software Piracy, Research Finds
Saturday June 18, 2016 @09:43AM Court Slams Record Companies in New Vimeo/DMCA Ruling
Thursday June 16, 2016 @10:55AM Pirate Bay Co-Founder Must Pay Record Labels $395,000
Friday June 10, 2016 @12:55PM Canada Federal Court Restrains Sale Of 'Pirate' Boxes
Wednesday June 08, 2016 @10:11AM Fake Gaming Torrents Download Unwanted Apps Instead of Popular Games
Wednesday June 08, 2016 @10:01AM KickassTorrents Enters The Dark Web, Adds Official Tor Address
Friday June 03, 2016 @09:03AM DVD Release Delays Boost Piracy and Hurt Sales, Study Shows
Tuesday May 31, 2016 @08:46AM YouTube Threatens Legal Action Against Video Downloader
Thursday May 19, 2016 @07:51AM Filmmakers Ask 'Pirate' to Take Polygraph, Backtrack When He Agrees
Tuesday May 17, 2016 @12:37PM YouTube Is Guilty Of Criminal Racketeering, Grammy Winner Says
Saturday May 14, 2016 @09:28PM EFF Confronts World Copyright Committee
Saturday May 07, 2016 @07:30PM The Pirate Bay Now Blocked In Chrome, Firefox, And Safari
Monday May 02, 2016 @10:08AM Audiophile Torrent Site What.CD Fully Pwnable Thanks To Wrecked RNG
Sunday May 01, 2016 @03:06PM The Pirate Bay Gets a 'Massive' $9 in Donations Per Day
Friday April 29, 2016 @11:31AM US Calls Switzerland An Internet Piracy Haven
Wednesday April 27, 2016 @09:10AM After Netflix Crackdown On Border-Hopping, Canadians Ready To Return To Piracy
Monday April 25, 2016 @02:36PM Swedish ISP Vows to Protect Users From a Piracy Witch Hunt
Saturday April 16, 2016 @04:18PM MPAA Wants ISPs to Disconnect Persistent Pirates
Tuesday April 12, 2016 @12:09PM US ISPs Refuse To Disconnect Persistent Pirates
Monday April 11, 2016 @07:30AM Music Streaming Service Exclusives Make Pirating Tempting Again
Tuesday April 05, 2016 @09:45AM Aussie Pirates Have Another Year Not To Worry About Warnings
Wednesday March 23, 2016 @07:18PM UK Man Faces Prison For Circumventing UK's Pirate Site Blockade
Wednesday March 23, 2016 @09:54AM Angola's Wikipedia Pirates Are Exposing Loopholes in Zero Rating
Saturday March 19, 2016 @01:27PM Netflix CEO Says Blocking Proxy Services Is Maturation of Internet TV
Wednesday March 16, 2016 @08:20PM EU Court Says Hotspot Owners Aren't Liable For 3rd-Party Piracy
Thursday February 25, 2016 @10:13AM Slysoft (of AnyDVD Fame) Closes After Increased International Pressure By AACS
Tuesday February 23, 2016 @10:19AM Thanks To Encryption, UK Efforts To Block Torrent Sites Are Pointless
Thursday February 18, 2016 @07:17PM Kanye West Is Reportedly Considering Legal Action Against the Pirate Bay
Wednesday February 17, 2016 @10:21PM Chief CETA Negotiator Says Treaty "Virtually Complete"
Tuesday February 16, 2016 @11:17PM Cox Stands Pat, Won't Spy On Customers To Appease Copyright Holders
Tuesday February 16, 2016 @03:00PM Sci-Hub, a Site With Open and Pirated Scientific Papers
Friday February 12, 2016 @09:20AM Pirate Bay Browser Streaming Technology Is a Security and Privacy Nightmare
Friday February 12, 2016 @12:36AM Dallas Buyers Club LLC Abandons Fight Against Australian Pirates
Monday February 08, 2016 @03:59PM Anti-Piracy Group BREIN Demands Torrents Time Cease and Desist
Friday February 05, 2016 @09:23PM The Pirate Bay Now Let You Stream Movies and TV, Not Just Download
Thursday February 04, 2016 @02:41PM All 12 Member Countries Sign Off On the TPP
Wednesday February 03, 2016 @04:46PM Torrents Time Lets Anyone Launch Their Own Web Version of Popcorn Time
Sunday January 31, 2016 @12:20PM FTDI Driver Breaks Hardware Again
Friday January 29, 2016 @11:41AM Canadian Government Lobbies Europe To Pass CETA
Friday January 15, 2016 @09:03PM Geoblocking, Licensing, and Piracy Make For Tough Choices at Netflix
Thursday January 07, 2016 @05:43PM Cuba's Nationwide Sneakernet: a Model For Developing Nations?
Thursday December 24, 2015 @01:54PM Pirate Bay Cofounder Utterly Bankrupts the Music Industry
Friday December 11, 2015 @06:25PM LionsGate Wants Pirate Sites To Pay For 'Expendables' 3 Leak
Sunday November 29, 2015 @10:51AM Swedish Court: ISPs Can't Be Forced To Ban the Pirate Bay
Sunday November 29, 2015 @10:36AM Swedish Court Says ISPs Can't Be Forced To Block Pirate Bay
Friday November 27, 2015 @07:39AM Czech Judge Cuts Deal With Software Pirate: Get 200K YouTube Views Or Pay Huge Fine
Thursday November 19, 2015 @10:17AM New Anti-Piracy Law In Australia Already Being Abused
Saturday October 31, 2015 @02:02PM SA Startup Custos Uses Bitcoin To Disrupt Digital Piracy
Sunday August 23, 2015 @07:31AM Underground Piracy Sites Want To Block Windows 10 Users
Thursday August 20, 2015 @10:49AM Movie Studio Sues Individual Popcorn Time Users For Infringement
Friday July 31, 2015 @06:56AM Interviews: Kim Dotcom Answers Your Questions
Monday July 20, 2015 @08:28PM UK Government Proposes 10-Year Copyright Infringement Jail Term
Friday July 03, 2015 @05:24PM Rumblefish Claims It Owns 'America the Beautiful' By United States Navy Band
Friday July 03, 2015 @05:17PM FBI Wants Pirate Bay Logs For Criminal Investigation Into Copyright Trolls
Tuesday June 30, 2015 @07:36AM Malwarebytes Offers Pirates Its Premium Antimalware Product For Free
Tuesday June 23, 2015 @07:53AM Australia Passes Site-Blocking Legislation
Friday May 29, 2015 @06:24AM Murder Accusations Hang Over Silk Road Boss Ulbricht's Sentencing
Thursday May 21, 2015 @04:25PM Australian ISP Offers Pro-bono Legal Advice To Accused Pirates
Tuesday May 19, 2015 @07:43AM Swedish Court Orders Seizure of Pirate Bay Domains
Monday May 11, 2015 @06:55AM How To Set Up a Pirate EBook Store In Google Play Books
Thursday May 07, 2015 @07:18AM Grooveshark Resurrected Out of US Jurisdiction
Tuesday May 05, 2015 @11:06AM Single Verizon IP Address Used For Hundreds of Windows 7 Activations
Friday April 24, 2015 @10:15PM Pirate Bay Blockade Censors CloudFlare Customers
Saturday April 18, 2015 @07:52AM Hacked Sony Emails Reveal That Sony Had Pirated Books About Hacking
Tuesday April 14, 2015 @11:53AM In New Zealand, a Legal Battle Looms Over Streaming TV
Thursday March 12, 2015 @07:25AM Knock-Off Apple Watches Hit the Chinese Market Less Than 24 Hours After Launch
Sunday March 08, 2015 @08:04AM UK Gov't Asks: Is 10 Years In Jail the Answer To Online Pirates?
Friday February 20, 2015 @07:16PM Australian ISPs To Introduce '3-Strike' Style Anti-piracy Scheme
Monday February 09, 2015 @02:59AM Demonii Tracker Tops 30 Million Connected Peers
Monday December 29, 2014 @12:32PM Sony Accused of Pirating Music In "The Interview"
Sunday December 28, 2014 @06:31PM Sony Hack Reveals MPAA's Big '$80 Million' Settlement With Hotfile Was a Lie
Friday December 26, 2014 @06:47PM The Open Bay Helps Launch 372 'Copies' of the Pirate Bay In a Week